Who We Are.
We are strategists, coders & designers that share a passion for building smart products that users will .


HocNest is a self-funded software development company led by experienced engineers and former tech founders. Our team strives for quality over quantity, so we typically work with a limited number of partnerships at a time. We value data over assumptions, out-learn competition, and focus on the customer.

Continuous Improvement

We know that there is always room to improve so we remain open-minded and continuously seek better ideas. Our company encourages improvement and celebrates both individual and team growth.

Empowerment & Trust

People do their best work when they are empowered and trusted by others. It makes for a better workplace.


HocNest is, and always will be, a 100% distributed company. We believe it is more practical to remove the geographical restriction. Our team members spend less time commuting and more time with their families. Everyone can customize their workspace to best suit their needs so they can perform their best work.


Most of our work is thought-intensive and requires a high level of focus. We encourage deep work sessions with no interruptions.

Hypotheses over Assumptions

Building products, especially disruptive ones, come with a lot of unknowns. Does the market need this? Will users care? Instead of making an assumption, we create and test a hypothesis. This optimizes efficiency as we continue to feed newly acquired knowledge back into the next iteration. Constantly building, measuring, and learning.


Interested in joining the team? The best way to start is by introducing yourself at contact@hocnest.com. Thank you for your interest!