RMM - Rails Modular Monolith
A compiled list of useful resources for building a modular monolith in rails.
Get started with Component-based Rails applications!

A talk given by Stephan Hagemann, 2015

Book - Component-Based Rails

A Book written by Stephan Hagemann

Component-Based Rails is a proven method to manage the complexity of large applications. It ensures that we can maintain development speed, quality, and fun throughout the life cycle of applications. Components do this by enabling conversations about high-level structures that lead to improved communication of intent, more collaboration opportunities, and better maintenance capabilities.

Rails Documentation

Getting Started with Engines

The Modular Monolith: Rails Architecture

Blog Post written by Dan Manges

One of the hardest things about building a startup is handling the rapid growth in team and technology. The best way to build software with a team of three engineers is different than with ten engineers, or twenty, or fifty. Make a change to your process today, and you’re doing it too soon. Wait until tomorrow, and it feels too late.

Rails engines example by Task Rabbit
CBRA-Contracts by bluebottlecoffee

Component Based Rails Application (CBRA) Contracts

Many Rails applications start simply enough. A generator command here, a migration there and soon enough, you’ve got a working application. Some end up as a Majestic Monolith.

RailsConf 2020 - Between monoliths and microservices

A presentation at RailsConf by Vladimir Dementyev

Rails applications tend to turn into giant monoliths. Keeping the codebase maintainable usually requires architectural changes. Microservices? A distributed monolith is still a monolith. What about breaking the code into pieces and rebuild a monolithic puzzle out of them?

Decidim - The participatory democracy framework.

A free open-source participatory democracy rails engine

Decidim is a participatory democracy framework, written in Ruby on Rails, originally developed for the Barcelona City government online and offline participation website. Installing these libraries will provide you a generator and gems to help you develop web applications like the ones found on example applications or like our demo application.


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