• Configure Your First Rails Engine

    Learn how to configure your first ruby on rails engine. Part three of three highlights how to configure a rails engine while respecting our modular monolith's dependency boundaries.

    rails architecture engines devise authentication rmm
  • Test Your First Rails Engine

    Setup your test suite for your rails engine's. Part two of three focusing on testing, rspec, and factories for engines in a rails modular monolith.

    rails architecture engines rspec rmm
  • Create Your First Rails Engine

    Create your first ruby on rails engine tutorial. Part one of three working with engines in a rails modular monolith.

    rails architecture engines devise authentication rmm
  • Unique Robot Path

    Walk-through a solution for the Unique Robot Paths algorithm using JavaScript.

    javascript algorithm
  • CSS Grid Basics

    An introduction to CSS Grid and an overview on the basics. Test the codepen examples for yourself!

    css css-grid
  • Why use Typescript?

    Learn more about Typescript, the benefits that come from using it, and how to get started.

    javascript typescript
  • Creating Local Rails Engines

    Create a local rails engine nested within your rails application following a component based architecture.

    rails architecture engines
  • Largest Prime Factor

    Determine the largest prime factor of the number 600851475143 in Ruby.

    Project-Euler Ruby
  • Largest Palindrome Product

    Find the largest palindrome made from the product of two 3-digit numbers in Ruby.

    Project-Euler Ruby
  • Sum of Even Fibonacci Numbers

    Find the sum of the even-valued terms in the Fibonacci sequence whose values do not exceed four million in Ruby.

    Project-Euler Ruby
  • Hook Methods

    Learn how using a hook method can decouple super and sub classes during inheritance.

    Inheritance Ruby Refactor
  • Project Euler Problem 1 in Ruby

    Find the sum of all the multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000 in Ruby.

    Project-Euler Ruby
  • Avoid Scopes on Rails Associations

    Adding a scope to an ActiveRecord association in Ruby on Rails may lead to unexpected behavior. Learn how to avoid this situation and see how it affects your code maintainability.

    Rails ActiveRecord Associations Inverse Scope
  • Rails engine with Rspec

    Setup Rspec and Factory Bot for a Ruby on Rails engine and configure it to improve your test suite.

    rails engines rspec testing
  • Ruby Public Interfaces

    Learn how public interfaces are used in Ruby and how they can lead to a more maintainable codebase.

    ruby OOD interfacing
  • Adding a column to a large table

    See how adding a column default can lead to downtime and learn how to avoid it.

    rails ActiveRecord database deployment migrations
  • ActiveRecord Query String Interpolation

    Secure your ActiveRecord queries and eliminate a SQL injection vulnerability in your Rails application.

    rails ActiveRecord security SQL sql_injection
  • Using ActiveSupport Duration

    Take a deeper dive into ActiveSupport's Duration and see how you can use it.

    rails active_support code_snippet
  • Lossy Mode with ActiveRecord and Postgres

    Identify if your slow queries are caused by Lossy Mode and learn how you can fix it.

    lossy_mode database rails active_record postgres
  • Rails 5 RabbitMQ Bunny Setup

    Setup RabbitMQ with Ruby on Rails using the Bunny gem.

    rails amqp bunny rabbitmq
  • Union with ActiveRecord 4 & Postgres

    Learn multiple ways to execute a union query in rails and see how each return value is a different class.

    rails ActiveRecord union activerecord4 SQL psql ruby

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