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Writing the query

def accessible_tasks_query
    SELECT tasks.* FROM tasks
      INNER JOIN ...
      WHERE ....


    SELECT tasks.* FROM tasks
      INNER JOIN Something Else...
      WHERE ....

Executing SQL

PG Result

If a PG::Result return type satisfies your needs then you can simply execute your SQL.

#=> <PG::Result:0x007ffc57365e88 status=PGRES_TUPLES_OK ntuples=112480 nfields=27 cmd_tuples=112480>


Want an array of items?

Using the find_by_sql class method will return just that.

Task.find_by_sql accessible_tasks_query
#=> [#<Task:...>, <Task:...>]


Using the Active Record’s class method from will return an ActiveRecord::Relation.

Task.from accessible_tasks_query
#=> #<Task::ActiveRecord_Relation:

Depending on your needs, you may want to use either of these methods. Executing raw SQL on the base class gives you flexibility so you are not confined to the model’s structure. Task.find_by_sql is useful if you want an Array of items. Task.from is especially useful if you need an ActiveRecord::Relation.


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